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Current list of articles, publications and interviews regarding Aunkai and Akuzawa sensei.

June 2017 YouTube Interview

A Youtube interview with Minoru Akuzawa sensei was published 6th June 2017.

Watch embedded or else on YouTube directly.

2011 Hiden magazine/Japan

Hiden magazine 2011/10 cover

2010 SAMURAI magazine/France

Samurai magazine (France) 2010/10 excerpts

15th Aug 2008

This interview with Minoru Akuzawa will appear in a book which
features articles on a number of inspiring martial artists.

France 2008/08 documentary filming
France 2008/08 documentary filming
France 2008/08 documentary filming

The professional photographer began his work at around 11:00 in the morning and went on until 17:00 in the evening. Result was many wonderful shots of Akuzawa sensei.
The book, authored by Mr. Leo Tamaki, went on sale in 2009.

2008 DRAGON magazine/France

Dragon magazine (France) 2008 excerpts

April 2008 Website/Japan

The interviews with Akuzawa sensei were published on this website.

2007 Hiden magazine/Japan

Hiden magazine 2007/08 excerpts

2006 ENERGIES magazine/France

Energies magazine (France) 2006 excerpts