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2024.2.23 Tokyo Open Seminar photograhs

2023.10.25-29 Aunkai Japan Camp Photographs

Akuzawa sensei collaboration on Shioda Masahiro Youtube Channel: Part 2

Akuzawa sensei intoduced in collaboration video on Shioda Masahiro YouTube channel

2023.9.23 Seminar Report

2023-04/05 France Seminar Photos

2023-04/05 France Seminar Additional News: Black Belt Promotions & Magazine Article Publication

2023.2.23 Seminar Photographs

2022 Grading and Ranking Events

2022-09-23 Tokyo Open Seminar Report

2022-03-27 Tokyo Open Seminar Report

Announcement: Private Lessons

Akuzawa sensei is available for standard and in-depth private lessons, for details please see the link.

Announcement: Remote Classes

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Online Lessons via Zoom on request!

Akuzawa sensei is available for online individual or group private lessons via Zoom. We have published a remote class page for reference.
Interested persons please use our contact form to reserve time and obtain detailed information.

Thursday training schedule is adjusted on a monthly basis, please contact for details. Tuesday training is suspended until further notice.
For training please bring masks and gloves. Coronavirus situation may require schedule changes to the schedule, so please note and updates given at class times.

YouTube video: Interview with Akuzawa sensei published 6th June 2017.


Trial Lesson / Contact

  • Mail form: Trial Lesson Application or General Contact
    Trail lessons cost 3000 JPY. Persons who enroll in Aunkai after the private lesson (same day) will have the trial lesson cost deducted from their first monthly payment.
  • Aside from trial lesson applications, enquiries regarding private lessons, seminars, etc., are most welcome. Please use the this mail form for general enquiries.

About Aunkai – frontpage

Aunkai – Overview

Aunkai is a method of training the body and mind according to the fundamental principles that govern human movement. As the body develops and absorbs these physical principles, it can begin to act in accordance with martial principles.

“Technique” is only a product of a body that has been trained to intuitively understand the most natural and efficient ways to move in a martial context.

There are many different interpretations of the word “training.” At Aunkai, we first recognize our preconceptions and notions, then attempt to tune the body through certain training methods in order to discover movement of the human body that is in accord with certain principles.

Our focus is on the creation and usage of a martial body. We have members with backgrounds in many different styles such as Karate, Aikido, Muay Thai, MMA, etc. Anyone from any style is accepted here at Aunkai.

For more details, see About Aunkai in the main menu.

Class Info – frontpage

Class Times

Regular classes:

  • Thursday: 17:30-20:30
  • Saturday: 17:00-20:00
  • Once a month : rokushaku bo (6-foot staff) training. Announcement made monthly (see calendar).


The location for regular practice is Kami-Saginomiya Dai-Ni Apartment Assembly Room, Nakano-ku, Tokyo.
5 minutes walk from Fujimidai station (Seibu Ikebukuro line).


  • Yearly sports insurance of 1850 JPY required. Regardless of date of payment, coverage expires at the end of March of each year.
  • Please enquire for entrance fee and class fees.


Enquiries about joining classes and trial lesson applications welcome.
Please refer to information on contact page.

For more information, map and calendar, please see class info on the main menu.

Classes – frontpage


There are many who pursue the daily practice of bujutsu (or budo) as a means to temper their spirit. Training in bujutsu, or performing bujutsu tanren is one way of knowing yourself both physically and mentally.

Through the development of a body suitable for bujutsu, forging it in a manner according to the principles that are the foundation of bujutsu, absorbing and learning how to use the body through contact training and finally through the never ending cycle of experimentation/innovation we seek to create a core within our bodies that is jutsu. That is the purpose of tanren.

The Aunkai bujutsu class does not place any emphasis on repetition of empty movements or techniques. Instead, we aim to give our students the physical tools to forge a bujutsu body able to bring its own imperfections to light, address them, and come to its own answers—all of this eventually leads the practitioner down their own path in the Martial Way. To do this, we follow roughly the curriculum outlined below:

  1. Creating Foundation: Realization of principles within the body.
  2. Contact Training 1: How to use forces against an opponent.
  3. Contact Training 2: Sanda, sparring, etc.
  4. Bujutsu: Applications of the above.

For more information, please see Classes on the main menu.

Contact – frontpage

Contacting us at Aunkai

Applications for trial lessons, requests for information about upcoming seminars and classes, private lessons, etc., are welcome.

Trial lesson fee is 3000 JPY. Any student joining Aunkai directly after their trial lesson will be refunded the trial lesson fee.

Please use the following web form to contact us:

For more information, please see Contact on the main menu.