Remote Classes via Zoom

Akuzawa sensei is available for remote Aunkai instruction via the Zoom video conferencing platform, or alternatives as applicable.

Private Zoom lessons are available to anyone, but conditions below apply to Aunkai members only. Non-members please contact us for conditions, which will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Group Zoom lessons are currently only available for Aunkai members.

Class times can be arranged to suit participants. Interested persons please use our contact form to reserve time and obtain detailed information.

Private Lessons

Conditions for Aunkai members only. For non-members: please contact us for conditions and details.

One-on-one private lessons.

Cost: 80 Euros per class.

Class length: 60 minutes.

Group Classes

Available for Aunkai members only.

6 persons and above

Cost: 25 Euros per person per class, maximum 2 classes per month.

Class length: 60 minutes.

General Notes

Payment: to be completed 3 days prior to the scheduled class. Currently refunds are not possible, but lessons can be rescheduled as needed.

Zoom conference link: If participants do not have a Zoom account themselves, Aunkai will provide a link for the class. If participants have a professional Zoom account, they can instead provide a link for the conference.

Other platforms than Zoom are also possible on request (e.g., Google Meet).