Private Lessons

Ideal for anyone who cannot attend classes regularly, resides far away, or visits Japan short-term, private lessons are a great opportunity to learn the essentials of bujutsu skills and applications in a concentrated customized setting.

We provide two types of private lesson format to choose from.

1. Private instruction

Individual customized private instruction provides both an important starting point for beginners, and a chance for experienced practitioners to learn in a focussed manner.

Individual instruction 120 minutes 30,000 JPY

Two participants 120 minutes 50,000 JPY

Group instruction (3 persons+) 120 minutes 20,000 JPY per person

2. Special in-depth private instruction

Unlike standard instruction, this type of private lesson focussed on Akuzawa sensei’s body skills, Aiki-related skills and the deeper aspects of bujutsu training which are essential for daily training, and in Japanese bujutsu tradition are imparted only by word of mouth. Thus, the results of this type of private lesson will be integrated into the participant’s daily life and promote the bodily changes conguent to bujutsu.

Individual instruction 3 hours 70,000 JPY

Two participants 3 hours 120,000 JPY


  • Date and time are negotiable
  • Akuzawa sensei himself will instruct all private lessons