Akuzawa sensei (see biography page) teaches at the Aunkai Tokyo headquarters, along with senior students, all of whom also travel overseas to teach in support of Akuzawa sensei and to grow the organization further.

A worldwide network of qualified Aunkai-affiliated instructors exists to help students progress from the basic essentials to a higher level of capability and body skills.
Ideally, students would be able to learn from, and regularly practice, with instructors in their area, attend seminars regularly given by Akuzawa sensei and/or his senior students, and finally visit Japan to train at the Tokyo headquarters on occasion.

Japan Instructors

Tokyo Senior Instructors

Miyakawa Kazuhisa hanshi
Miyakawa Kazuhisa (Hanshi)
Watanabe Manabu hanshi
Watanabe Manabu (Hanshi)
Robert John renshi
Robert John (Hanshi)

Tokyo Renshi

Murata Kazuo renshi
Murata Kazuo (Renshi)
Mike Craven renshi
Michael Craven (Renshi)
Mark Burns renshi
Mark Burns (Renshi)
Wada Kenta renshi
Wada Kenta (Renshi)
Kitamura Kyoko renshi
Kitamura Kyoko (Renshi)

Worldwide Instructors

France Instructors (Kyoshi)

Christophe “Kiaz” Ksiazkiewicz (Kyoshi/Villars les Dombes)
Christophe Martin kyoshi
Christophe Martin (Kyoshi/Montpellier)
Emmanuel Frere kyoshi
Emmanuel Frere (Kyoshi/Paris)
Pierre Griset renshi
Pierre Griset (Kyoshi/Barby)
Richard Segissement kyoshi
Richard Segissement (Kyoshi/Saint Cloud)
Jean-Phillipe Joseph kyoshi
Jean-Philippe Joseph (Kyoshi/Alès)
Serge Gagnaire kyoshi
Serge Gagnaire (Kyoshi/Villes sur Auzon)

France Renshi

Christophe De Vassoigne renshi
Christophe De Vassoigne (Renshi)
Mélanie Mollis renshi
Mélanie Mollis (Renshi)
Valérie Gouveneaux renshi
Valérie Gouveneaux (Renshi)
Christian Boudarel renshi
Christian Boudarel (Renshi)
Pierre Jauffron renshi
Pierre Jauffron (Renshi)
Pierre-Alain Yvars renshi
Pierre-Alain Yvars (Renshi/Paris)