Contacting us at Aunkai

Applications for trial lessons, requests for information about upcoming seminars and classes, private lessons, etc., are welcome.

Please use the following web forms for contacting us:

News and updates
Updates regarding seminars and schedule changes will be posted on the front page of the website. Links to seminar pages will be available, as will web form per seminar for participation application.

Important Notice

Notice pertaining to our site relocation from to which took place from 12-28 May 2017.

Website access

From 6th June 2017 the and domains are no longer controlled by Aunkai.
Since we do not control the domains, nor is the operator in any way affiliated with Aunkai, contents of that site do not reflect Aunkai, its members or its values.
Thus, to ensure that any information to members worldwide is reliable and accurate, please refer only to the domain and update any bookmarks and shortcuts accordingly.

Reference: Schedule of relocation

  1. Initialization of domain: 2017-05-12.
  2. Completion of preparation/testing for site relocation: 2017-05-21.
  3. Start of site relocation: 2017-05-22.
  4. Completion of relocation: 2017-05-28.
  5. Since 2017-06-06 the domain is no longer affiliated with the Aunkai organization.