2019-09-23 Tokyo Open Seminar Report

Report of the Aunkai Open Seminar, given by Minoru Akuzawa sensei, successfully held on 2019-09-23 in the gymnasium of Musashino Primary School. The venue was vastly improved by the addition of air-conditioning, which was really appreciated as the typhoon brought high temperatures and humidity to Tokyo. So just like last year’s seminar, in other words!

Sensei concentrated on teaching the essentials of “center line” (in Japanese, “Sei-chū-sen”) and “center of gravity” (“Jū-shin”), and how the former leads to use of the latter. In particular, these principles are in contrast to the use of “body axis” (“Tai-jiku”) which relies on grounded base, and “body weight” (“Tai-jū”) which involves leaning or kicking off the ground.

The training consisted of standing posture and walking exercises, with more experienced students giving advice and sensei moving from one person to another to let them feel his posture and movement for reference, and to give corrections.

Unbalancing partner training followed, and finally some free practice with a 6-foot staff (rokushakubō).

All in all, great learning experience for all!

Sensei demonstrating posture and walking without bracing.
Various types of standing an walking training.
Sensei demonstrating posture and unbalancing.
Sensei demonstrating use of short sticks in training with visitors from a Silat/Kali dojo.
Putting lessons into practice with rokushakubo partner training.