2023-04/05 France Seminar Additional News: Black Belt Promotions & Magazine Article Publication

(1) New Promotions to Black Belt Rank

As the first France seminar after 3 years of absence owing to Covid-19, Akuzawa sensei checked the current skill levels, and also promoted a number of students to black belt rank after confirming their progress and achievements.

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Jean-Luc, Akuzawa sensei, Olivier, Loic
Alex, Akuzawa sensei, Nicolas

Additionally, while unable to meet Akuzawa sensei in person during sensei’s seminar trip, a number of diligent students nevertheless graded with Manabu Watanabe Hanshi as sensei’s representative after sensei’s return to Japan, and obtained black belt rank.


Congratulations to the newly promoted Black Belts!!

(2) Article publication in French martial arts magazine Self & Dragon

While in France for the seminar, Akuzawa sensei was interviewed for this magazine article.

Photo credits: P.Y. Benoliel