End of year party & final training for 2019

Honbu dojo end of year party was held on Saturday, 7th December; final training for the year took place on Saturday, 21st December, leaving 2019 with a great atmosphere.

The year-end party included tons of discussion and brought up a few points of importance for training, much to everyone’s satisfaction. For sensei, as appreciation for the past year, was a gift of various items of clothing, which he wore right away. A very enjoyable event for all!

Sensei showing his delight at the presents, which were much to his liking.
Chicken hot-pot, with delicious soup to which was added later on some rice to make a wholesome gruel to end off the dinner.
A selection of the awesome sashimi.

It is rather amazing how quickly yet another year has passed. This year saw the reappearance of some old faces in the dojo again, a great pleasure, and the welcome entry of new members. Sensei felt that 2019 has been a good year of progress.

It is everyone’s hope that 2020 will see a continuation of learning in bujutsu, and sensei is there to encourage everyone to their best ability.

Last training of the year group photo.