2020-03-20 Tokyo Open Seminar


One-day Aunkai Open Seminar in Tokyo given by Akuzawa sensei.

An introduction to Aunkai: Train the body for Aiki using methods old yet new.

In this seminar, we will uncover the principles of body movement that create Aiki, and how to harness this skill in applications. The Aunkai methodology is geared towards people both young and old, helping to build body skills that are both unique and powerful. We look forward to seeing you on the mats!

  • Date: 20th March 2020 (Friday—public holiday)
  • Venue: Kami-Saginomiya Dai-Ni Apartment Assembly Room, Nakano-ku, Tokyo (Access information)
    Address: 4-chome Kami-Saginomiya, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 165-0031
  • Time: 13:00–17:00
  • Fee: 6000 JPY
  • Application: please use online application form.
    Note: direct participation without prior application is not permitted.

Further Information

  • Participation: 18 years or older and in good health.
  • Clothing/footwear: clothing easy to move around in; indoor shoes (barefoot also OK).
  • Other: please bring own water/drinks, towels.
  • Dinner reservation: post-seminar dinner with Akuzawa sensei is planned (expected cost approximately 3000 JPY). A great time to ask questions, mix and mingle, and benefit from each other’s experiences.
    Confirmations can be made in advance, with finalization during seminar break.

Chichibu Aunkai Retreat (April 11 – 15, 2020)

Aunkai International is proud to announce our annual retreat in Chichibu, Japan. This time, it will be open to anyone who has participated in an Aunkai seminar.

Come join us and experience training with people from all over the world, surrounded by the dense nature of Chichibu!

Contact us at the email address provided on the flyer, or via the contact information on our website, and let us know which dates you can attend.

More information will be made available in due course here on our website.

Since space is limited, we urge people to secure their spots early.

Akuzawa sensei looks forward to seeing everyone of you.