2018-02-12 Tokyo Open Seminar

One-day Aunkai Open Seminar in Tokyo given by Akuzawa sensei.
Venue is the Cosmic Sports Center in Shinjuku.
Theme: Deepening the study of body transformation.

  • Date: 12th February 2018 (Monday—public holiday)
  • Venue: Cosmic Sports Center, Shinjuku, Tokyo. First floor No. 2 Budo dojo (Access information)
  • Time: 12:10-15:10
  • Fee: 6000 JPY (Aunkai members: 5000 JPY)
  • Application: please use online application form.
  • Related: announcement in online version of the Hiden Journal

Seminar Contents

The theme of the seminar revolves around how to break out of the standard model of body usage, transform it and thus become free from the limitations imposed by age.

The way to achieve this in Aunkai is to diligently train in specific methods based on body principles and thereby to foster a new realization and mentality. This seminar will teach the practice of these specific methods.

Sports martial artists looking for ways to improve their skills, martial arts enthusiasts interested in deepening their knowledge of the body, and anyone interested in Bujutsu from beginner level is welcome, and should equally find the content of value and interest.

Application should be made via the online form above.

Further Information

  • Participation: aimed at experienced martial arts, beginners very welcome as always.
  • Clothing/footwear: clothing easy to move around in; indoor shoes (barefoot also OK).
  • Other: please bring own water/drinks, towels.
  • Dinner reservation: post-seminar dinner with sensei is planned (expected cost approximately 3000 JPY). A great time to ask questions, mix and mingle, and benefit from each other’s experiences.
    Confirmations can be made in advance, with finalization during seminar break.