2023-02-23 Tokyo Open Seminar Report

Here the photo report of the first seminar of 2023, the 20th anniversary of the found ing of Aunkai Bujutsu.
Participants ranged from areas as diverse as Aichi prefecture and Sendai, and included first-timers itching to get an experience of what Aunkai consists of, as well as repeat participants, all a mix of beginners and and people with long experience in martial arts.

During the seminar participants made several impactful statements as they made discoveries and revelations:
– “I got to feel Akuzawa sensei’s seemingly limitless power”
– “Akuzawa sensei’s movement was way more impressive than I had even imagined. This as really another great learning experience.”
– “Video really doesn’t do it justice. You do have to feel it. I’d been trying so hard to understand how [Morihei Ueshiba] O-Sensei had been using his hara, and by feeling Akuzawa-sensei I managed to get some sort of image.”

We thank all participants for their enthusiasm and helping make this such a great seminar.